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On the periphery of the World Food Safety Day 2022, from June 7 to 9, the “Health talks on food safety” aim to increase awareness and encourage a variety of stakeholders to debate and discuss an array of topics on health and food safety. The Health Talks deliver high-quality content with the support of international experts.



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The aim of the third cycle of Health Talks is to explore how our behavior, the way we build food systems and how we organize food supply chains can prevent most foodborne diseases and make safe and healthy diets accessible for all.

Three main thematic areas: 

• food safety within food systems and food environments

• food supply chains and the role of industry, and

• consumer behaviour.

The role of national governments and policies related to agriculture, trade, and food industry development is cross-cutting across the thematic areas.

Global food systems
Government action
Safe food along supply chains
Consumer choices and behaviour

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