Dr Anne Brisabois

Scientific Director for Food Safety, French Agency for Food, Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety, France



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About this speaker

Dr Anne Brisabois, Senior Microbiologist and Research Director, is currently Scientific Director for Food Safety at the Strategic and Programs Department of Anses for the coordination and management of overall activities of the Agency linked to Food Safety. Before, she had the position as Deputy Head of the Laboratory for Food Safety dedicated to the surveillance and characterization of foodborne pathogens. She was for 20 years, at the head of the Bacterial Characterization and Epidemiology Unit of this laboratory, specialized on surveillance and characterization of main foodborne bacterial pathogens, Salmonella, Listeria, Staphylococci, Bacillus including antimicrobial resistance aspect. Indeed, she managed activities conducted in 

the frame of national and European mandates for Listeria monocytogenes and coagulase positive Staphylococci, associated national mandates for Salmonella and antimicrobial resistance.

She also conducted National and European Research programs based on the development of molecular characterization of them. She manages the Fishery and Aquaculture Department related to microbial and chemical contaminants in seafood products, more recently on emergence of antimicrobial resistance and microplastic issues. She coordinates a national and regional funded project covering the aquatic sector studies from the marine environment to the quality and safety of food products. She has a several years’ experience in the management of research projects in microbiology and foodborne pathogens surveillance with more than 80 publications in international peer reviewed Journals. 

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