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About this speaker

Dr. Jennifer van de Ligt is a senior consultant with ToxStrategies, a professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Minnesota, and the former director of the Food Protection and Defense Institute, an Emeritus Homeland Security Center of Excellence. She has an extensive background in food defense, animal feed and human food production, human and animal nutrition, systems modeling, and scientific and regulatory affairs, with academic, industry, and global perspectives. Dr. van de Ligt previously led global scientific and regulatory affairs of a major multinational food company. She has participated in and held leadership positions in numerous trade and scientific organizations, coauthored or sponsored numerous peer-reviewed publications and reports, and has more than 130 global patents and patent applications. Dr. van de Ligt holds degrees from the University of Kentucky, the University of Illinois, and North Carolina State University. 

Health talks

Topics Covered

Safe food along supply chains


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