Improving emergency response in global food safety

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About this health talk

Organizers: WHO/FAO – INFOSAN Secretariat

The session will be moderated by Dr Jorgen Schlundt, member of the INFOSAN Advisory Group.


  • Ms Jenny Bishop, Ministry for Primary Industries, New Zealand (15 min).
  • Dr Fadi Naser Al-Natour, Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (15 min).


Disease outbreaks and other acute public health risks are often unpredictable and require coordination from different sectors. Food safety emergencies are not an exception. Recent examples of such emergencies, including major international foodborne outbreaks, have demonstrated the increasing importance of strengthening national structures and mechanisms for preparedness and response, and improving communication with counterparts within the country and at international level.
This panel discussion will focus on the global efforts that are in place at the international level to assist countries to respond to international food safety emergencies, to strengthen their food safety systems and to contribute to improved coordination and information exchange on food safety events. Common challenges and ideas on how to address them will be discussed by the panelists, using recent real-life food safety emergencies as a starting point for the analysis.

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