Charlie Worthington Saree Aongsomwang Simone Moraes Raszl Chris Hegadorn Vincent Doumeize

Empowering consumers to access safe food

A Health talk by Mr Chris Hegadorn , Ms Saree Aongsomwang , Mr Vincent Doumeize , Dr Simone Moraes Raszl and Mr Charlie Worthington

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About this Health talk

Organized by: Consumers International

Overview Consumers are at the heart of food safety; it is their health and lives that are put at risk by unsafe food. Yet there is potential for consumer voices to play a far stronger role in developing food safety solutions – such as improving consumer information and education; shaping standards at national and international level; and transforming supply chains to guarantee access to safe food. This session aims to provide an initial platform for this cross-cutting engagement, bringing together a range of stakeholders to explore the value that a consumer rights lens can bring to food safety solutions.

Session objectives:

• To platform consumer perspectives on food safety solutions, highlighting the role of changing consumer choices, but also the actions needed across food systems to make safe food accessible for all.

• To facilitate engagement between food safety stakeholders from diverse geographic contexts, through the lens of consumer rights and needs.

• To highlight the value that consumer advocates can bring to food safety solutions-building, both through the work they are already doing, and through future opportunities to deepen engagement.

About The Speakers

Say hello to your Speakers for this Health talk.

Mr Chris Hegadorn

Mr Chris Hegadorn

Secretary, Committee on World Food Security

Ms Saree Aongsomwang

Ms Saree Aongsomwang

Secretary General, Foundation for Consumers

Mr Vincent Doumeize

Mr Vincent Doumeize

Director, Food Programme, Lloyd's Register Foundation

Dr Simone Moraes Raszl

Dr Simone Moraes Raszl

Scientist, World Health Organization

Mr Charlie Worthington

Mr Charlie Worthington

Food Specialist, Consumers International

Topics Covered

Consumer choices and behaviour


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